Welcome to Build Your Bike. Recycle, reuse and rejoice!

Build your own bespoke bicycle from recycled parts! With the help of Chris, Colin, and other friends at the Waltham Forest Bike Recycling, we will show you how we built this single-speed bike - think of it like an online tutorial on how to build your own single speed or (fixed gear) road and track bicycle. The links to the articles - with plenty of pictures and explanation text - are on the right: How we built the bike).

The project frame - click to enlarge
The original Peugeot frame in its glory
The finished product - click to enlarge
The finished Peugeot Single Speed bike

We used recycled parts to build the bike. Of course not all parts could be recycled and this will be explained in the relevant chapter.

Parts such as brake pads, chain, tyres and tubes were bought new. So from here on, more pictures and less words (we hope).